Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Birding Today

Skip and I went to the Birding Center this morning in hopes the tide would be a bit lower and we'd see more waders. Hmmm, not really. However it didn't deter me from taking a bunch of photos.
Black-necked stilts - the brown-ish back on the one on the right indicates the female
Neo-tropic cormorant
Black-bellied whistling ducks looking every whichway
Young gator
Infant gator (favourite snack of great blue herons)
Green heron
'Pre-teen' gator
11 out of the 13 cattle egrets we saw.
Cattle egret
Cattle egret
White-striped longtail butterfly
A pair of scissor-tailed flycatchers
This gives an idea of how shallow the Laguna Madre is (note fisher on the top right)
Ruddy turnstone
Marbled godwits, gulls, and other shore birds
Same pair of flycatchers from the other side
I couldn't get a good picture of a scissor-tail in flight but here's one I found on Google.
A couple dozen black-necked stilts.

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