Friday, 9 March 2018

Birding with My New Camera

Skip and I went out this afternoon to the South Padre Island Convention Center. I wanted to try the birdwatching setting on my new camera. It was overcast so not the greatest photos but I'm pretty happy with what I shot.

When we got there we found one of our birding friends, Bev, and Gabriel, a young man whom we met yesterday at Estero Llano Grande. He had given us a little birding tour of the park.

Today, we saw several excellent birds (by excellent, I mean not the 'usual suspects').
Great Kiskadee
The Huisache trees are in bloom and the scent is wonderful.
Yellow-throated warbler

Eastern Phoebe

Brown Thrasher (we saw the Curve-Billed and Long-Billed thrashers yesterday)

Newly-emerged, shiny sea grape leaf
Bottlebrush tree in bloom
Closeup on bottlebrush bloom and buds
Yellow-throated warbler
Adolescent male Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Rose-breasted grosbeak with larva dinner

Lesser yellowlegs
Black-necked stilt with muck on his leg
Greater Yellowlegs
Pied-bill grebe with deformed leg up on his left side

Normally-elusive Wilson's Snipe feeding out in the open
Spotted sandpiper (spots haven't appeared yet)

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