Friday, 23 March 2018

Celebrate the Night Socks, cont'd

I packed these socks to knit in the car and get finished. You may recall I lost the little ball of co-ordinating blue yarn for the cuff, heel, and toe whislt in Oslo last fall. I finished the first sock toe with charcoal yarn from my sock yarn stash. I found some similar yarn in said stash and cast on last week before heading to San Antonio so I'd have something to knit in the car.

Last night I rounded the heel and am saving the foot for another car trip. I used the Fish Lips Kiss heel which I have to look up every time I do it. The relevant pages of the lengthy document are pages 10 - 12. No need to print all the other ones just for the heel.
Not a perfect match but close enough.
It was a freaking miracle that I started the toe after the blue stripe because then I could start the second sock with a charcoal strip leading to a purple stripe. That was totally by chance.

I've also gone back to an embroidery project I started last October. It's pretty fun but slow going because every element I stitch uses a different embroidery stitch. I'm learning a lot and will definitely finish this in the not-too-distant future.

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