Tuesday, 13 March 2018


I finished the second i-cord on my Starry Night cardigan! It still needs blocking and buttons but it's wearable at this stage.
The double i-cord is a very clever way to do buttonholes. Just skip two stitches on the second i-cord round for every buttonhole and do unattached i-cord for those two stitches. The buttonholes are indicated between the green and blue i-cord.
I made the lowest buttonhole closer to the bottom than the pattern indicates and provided for 9 buttons instead of 8. It took a bit of calculating to work out the buttonhole spacing but once the green i-cord was knit, I simply counted the number of rows of it along the right side, subtracted 4 rows from the top and bottom and divided the rest of the sts by 8 (8 spaces between the 9 buttonholes). There are also apps that will do this for you.

I knit the buttonhole front first with the 3.25mm in case I needed to make some modifications but it worked well. Around the neck I used a 2.5mm needle again as I had with the lime i-cord. This really helped tighten up the neck rather than putting in more k2togs. Then came the home stretch - the left front - and it was done!
As all the yarns are anchored due to the anchoring of the steek, I simply trimmed off the excess. No ends to weave in! I did catch a couple of ends as I was doing the i-cord (lime green stitches about 1" in from the edge) but all the others were just trimmed off. This is one advantage of doing a steek.
I will do a bit of steam blocking and see if that smooths things out a bit. I brought my little travel iron that has a steam setting.

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