Tuesday, 6 March 2018

I-Cord Edging

The ball of yarn I ordered arrived yesterday so I got started on the i-cord edging for the Starry Night sweater.

First I had to watch a video on the subject. This one explained it the best for me and it mimicked the 3st i-cord used in my pattern.  I used one needle to pick up the stitches to the left of column 1 of the steek and the tip of the other needle to knit the i-cord. I didn't need dpns after all. I'm picking up 3 sts and skipping the 4th to get the right gauge. (Raining today = bad photos)
I have almost finished the first front edging. When I go around the neck, I'll do a few k2tog to narrow the neck a bit.
The inside is nice and neat. I may tack the facing down but will see how it behaves after a good wet blocking.
Once I finish the lime green i-cord, I'll need to do the calculations for the buttonholes as I'll need to leave gaps for them when I do the next i-cord edge with the blue.

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