Friday, 30 March 2018

National Butterfly Center, Mission TX

This morning, before it got too hot, Skip and I went to the National Butterfly Center in Mission, TX. It's about 20 minutes away from our hotel in McAllen. The other two times we've visited there it's been stinking hot so it was really nice that it was cooler.

Texas Prickly Poppy
Tawny Emperor Butterfly
Ladderback woodpecker (female)
Coral Bean

Coral Bean close up
Common Chachalaca
Clay-coloured Robin
Golden-fronted woodpecker
Altamira Oriole

We think this is a Vesper Sparrow - ID to be confirmed
White-tipped dove
Cardinal and Green Jay
Gulf Fritillary Butterfly
Longtail Skipper
Spike, the resident African Spurred Tortoise
Water Lily

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