Monday, 2 April 2018

2 Life Birds Today!!

Skip and I visited the Convention Centre later this afternoon. Someone had put grapefruit out and we got to see two species of orioles. The first was a female orchard oriole.
First year female orchard oriole

Male orchard oriole
Great Kiskadee
Bullock's Oriole - first lifer today. Wide white patch on wings

Female orchard oriole

The water has been drained from the freshwater pond in order to remove the excess cattails. These gators have moved over to the waterway beside the boardwalk.

Wilson's snipe
I just happened to look up to see a magnificent frigatebird! That's a first for me in this area.
Over by the water feature I almost hyperventilated when I spotted a male painted bunting! I have been wanting this bird for my life list for ever. He hung around for quite a while. I alerted a couple of birders walking by and they hung around long enough for the bunting to make a reappearance. We were all so excited! Second lifer today.

Back out on the walkway where there is a grove of trees, I took a parting shot of the orchard oriole enjoying the grapefruit.
The migration has begun! This is the main reason we wanted to stay into April. We're going to get up tomorrow morning and see what else we can see there. The tide is supposed to be low in the morning so maybe we'll see some interesting shore birds and waders.

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