Thursday, 5 April 2018

Back at it Again

The migration is on and we don't want to miss any good birds that come through.

We went back to the Convention Center. It was sunny but 100% humidity so there was a light, drizzly mist in the air. By the time we got up the island and parked, the rain had stopped.

The summer tanager was back. I just didn't get a very good shot.
The blue grosbeak posed nicely in better light.

Skip spotted an eastern kingbird quite far away.
 Back along the treeline. I was able to get a shot of one through the foliage.

Then it turned around so I could get a shot of its back.
Out on the boardwalk, this brown anole showed me his dewlap. It made him look very menacing. 
We then went to the Sheepshed lot. A lot of birds go through there and, we believe, back and forth from there to the Convention Center.

We saw a Kentucky warbler, male and female hooded warblers, a painted bunting, a common yellowthroat, a Lincoln's sparrow, and on the north lot, a ruby-throated hummingbird.
So we surpassed our goal of 150 species and have 152 as of today.

We're going back to Sheepshead early tomorrow. Hopefully the light will be better. It makes spotting and photographing them so much easier.

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