Monday, 23 April 2018

Birthday Birding

It's another beautiful day, today on my birthday, so Skip and I headed out to do some birding at Thickson's Woods.

There were lots of birds under the trees along the Waterfront Trail.

I first spotted this white-throated sparrow. I didn't see the white throat right away but did note the yellow just above its beak. Next time I had a good look, I noticed the white throat.

American robin
I confirmed this guy's identity with my Peterson iPhone birding app. I played the bird call on the app and it matched the song sparrow's call.
The brown creepers love these trees with the rough bark. There must be lots of insects under the flaky bits.
There were also lots of hermit thrushes.
Other species spotted but not photographed were starlings, a fox sparrow, American crow, American goldfinches, red-winged blackbirds, a red-breasted nuthatch, and a golden-crowned kinglet. Thanks to the Peterson app, I easily IDd the kinglet with its striking deep yellow patch on the top of its head indicating a female.

We've only had 3 days of nice weather since we returned from TX 10 days ago. The birds seem very happy it's nice out, too. There are lots and lots of bugs/midges for them now. I am looking forward to seeing the trilliums bloom.

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