Sunday, 8 April 2018


The wind shifted last night and the temperatures plummeted. This morning we first went to the Convention Center and started seeing lots of species.

This was only some of the people who showed up.

Indigo Bunting

Young male orchard oriole
Warbling vireo
We also spotted a Blackburnian warbler but he was so flitty, I didn't get a picture.

We then went over to the Sheepshead lots where carloads of people were starting to accumulate.

We no sooner got out of the car and we started seeing all kinds of birds.
Black-throated green warbler
Hooded warbler
Baltimore oriole
Black-throated green warbler
Eastern wood-pewee
We took photos of each other for posterity. It was only 14C this morning so we really had to bundle up.

Eurasian collared doves
The painted bunting was all puffed up, I assume for warmth
I caught the young, transitioning male summer tanager and the adult having some kind of discussion.
Very briefly, some scissor-tailed flycatchers flew in.
Then another with a queen butterfly in its mouth.  I didn't get that shot, unfortunately.

 I did, however, get a closeup on the immature, male summer tanager.
This one seemed to be at the end of the transition phase as well.

Worm-eating warbler
Northern parula
By the time we left to grab some lunch, cars and mini buses were parked all over the place.

Looking west on Sheepshead St.

Looking east on Sheepshead St.
Palm warbler
Next thing I know, a bunch of folks were walking to the west side of the lot and looking across the street at the wooden fence. There, a lesser nighthawk was snoozing, right on top of the fence. Another lifer for us!
Lesser nighthawk
 It stayed there all afternoon and later rested on the other side of the fence on the cross-piece that the pickets are nailed to. Only its head was showing. It was still there when we left at 7:30pm.
Cactus flowers

Red admiral butterfly
Yet another palm warbler
After lunch and naps, we returned to Sheepshead for Round 2 today.
Eastern wood-pewee
Golden-fronted woodpecker drinking out of the hummingbird feeder

Ruby-throated hummingbird
Baltimore oriole
Summer tanager
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Skip saw several indigo buntings feeding on the ground in a neighbouring yard.

White-eyed vireo
More summer tanager shots
Baltimore oriole shot taken during the 'golden hour'
Transitioning male Baltimore oriole
Common yellowthroat
 After 11 hours (counting lunch and naps), we packed it in. Today was the most amazing birding day we've ever had. It is totally the reason that we stay down here into April. We have one more full day here, then we pack up the car for the trek home.

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