Sunday, 22 April 2018

First Birding This Year in The Great White North

It has finally warmed up here. The snow is almost all gone. I went down to Thickson's Woods this afternoon to see what I could see.

I didn't expect to see much other than chickadees and cardinals, but was very pleasantly surprised.
Male house finch

Tree Swallow

Standing in the middle of an open area, I saw a deer walking towards me. It didn't seem to mind that I was there at all. Then another one!
Shortly thereafter a man with a spade in his hand walked down the same path. I asked him about the deer. He said there were two fawns last year that stayed in the protected area and figured these were the same two a year older.
Deer tracks
I kept my distance as I didn't want any ticks jumping on me. I was glad I had long pants, socks, and shoes on. Lyme disease be damned!
Brown-headed cowbird
Male goldfinch

A bunch of goldfinches in a far-off tree.
I then went into the woods on the south side of the Waterfront Trail. There, I saw a yellow-rumped warbler and chickadees.
I walked eastwards and spotted a couple of brown creepers.

Yellow-bellied sapsucker
Dark-eyed junco - slate-coloured

Fox Sparrow

It was a lovely couple of hours down there, practically on the shores of Lake Ontario. I thought it would be significantly cooler than up the road at home but with the sun shining it was great.

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