Monday, 9 April 2018

Last Kick at the Can

We had a couple of things to pick up in Port Isabel this morning so swung by Sheepshead lots to see if anything new had flown in since yesterday.

Some birders have wacky licence plates.

Female golden-fronted woodpecker
A male golden-fronted on the same grapefruit a few minutes later
Lesser nighthawk in a different spot today. One got nailed by a Cooper's hawk the other day.
Louisiana waterthrush
Black and white warbler
Ruby-throated hummingbird
And we finally got to see the yellow-billed cuckoo that we missed seeing yesterday! That was bird #172 for this trip.
Yellow-billed cuckoo
Summer tanager
There were several species that we've seen in the RGV  in past years that we didn't see this year: vermilion flycatcher, herring gull. lesser scaup, or any owls. If we stayed later, we'd see lots more warbler species but alas, it is time to make our way home.

We will pack up the car and hit the road tomorrow morning. This year was stellar for birding, weather (it only rained a couple of days in 2 1/2 months), and our conveniently-located condo. Skip and I will have lots of things to reminisce about on our 5+-day drive home.


  1. Be careful. We're in for some really horrible weather up here right through the weekend. The north shore of the Great Lakes might be in for some serious ice.

  2. Thanks, Karen. We ended up driving longer each day so we could get home before the freezing rain started.