Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Yesterday's Birding

Skip and I went birding both yesterday morning and afternoon. It was hot (32C) with a nice breeze.
Orchard oriole

White morph reddish egret
Double-crested cormorant that just swallowed a fish
Out on the boardwalk, royal terns swooped by closely. I had to take a bunch of photos.

Hovering posture

Yellow-rumped warbler
Back at the parking lot, there were many butterflies around the native, flowering plants.
Red admiral butterfly
The grey hairstreak had just emerged from its cocoon and was drying out its wings. It is a little bigger than a thumbnail
Here's another that emerged from its cocoon just minutes before we got there. It's a Gulf Fritillary
We got to see it open its wings for the first time. The right ones are still a bit crumpled.
The red-eared sliders are covered in algae but enjoying the sun just the same.
I like how they splay out their hind legs.

Great Kiskadee
White Peacock Butterfly
I only saw one alligator today.

Great Blue Heron on its nest
A busy sora with muddy feet:
White Morph Reddish Egret closeup

Reddish egret behaviour:

Lesser Yellowlegs
Lesser Yellowlegs with muddy legs

Red Admiral Butterfly with damage to left forewing.

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