Friday, 25 May 2018

Another Cuddle Quilt

My friend's daughter is expecting a child so I wanted to make a cuddle quilt to give them.

I haven't been able to find the really fuzzy stuff I made this quilt out of.
So I've settled on Cuddlicious dimple fabric. Again I agonized over the selection of the flannelette fabric but I came up with something I'm happy with and I hope the mom will be, too.

The cuddle fabric comes in 150cm (60") widths. I used a 75cm (30") square for this one so have enough for another one. I'll check out other fabric stores for other flannelette patterns. A meter of fabric is perfect for the flannelette as this pattern calls for a 100cm (40") flannelette square.
The child is a little girl but I stayed away from excessive pink fabrics as some people try to avoid gender stereotypes.
I used this tutorial which is a bit different than the one I had previously used.  Previously, I had made the mitered corners on the flannelette and tucked the cuddle fabric into the 'frame'. This time, I stitched the cuddle fabric to the flannelette and mitered the corners after. Here's a video showing the process. Truth be told, I think it turns out better when the corners are mitered first. This video shows that way.

Once everything was right side out, I stitched all the way around with a somewhat decorative stitch - kind of an elongated, multi-stitch zig-zag.
I'm a real sucker for cute little animal prints. Both sides are useful and decorative.
Now that I have my deck furniture out, I can take photos in indirect light.
To bind the two fabrics together in the centre, I stitched a big 'X' from opposite corners. I used low tack masking tape as a stitching guide.
I always pre-wash flanellette and rip along the weft to get accurate dimensions. I also ironed it before starting to sew it. The cuddle fabric is synthetic so can be washed and tumble-dried, like the flannelette, but cannot be ironed. It should get fluffier with washing.
I'm going to keep an eye out for other fabric to go with the other square of dimpled, cuddle fabric.

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