Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Practice Needle Case

I'm trying out the Hardanger pattern on the white 22ct Hardanger cloth and DMC 982 threads.

This is the outside of the case. First, I stitched the varied buttonhole stitch all around the edge. Then the double lines (pebble stitch) inside each side of the exterior. Then I did the Algerian eyelets, and the cable stitch (diagonal lines).
Once I have finished stitching, I will cut the threads along the red lines and pull the cut threads out.
This will leave open holes and threads that I will wrap and make dove's eyes.

Then comes stitching the interior and putting it together.

I'm ready to start the real project with the grey Hardanger cloth and the DMC 981 threads.

Hopefully, it will look like this.
I'm looking forward to Friday when I'll be stitching along with Jen1, Barb, and Jeanette.

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