Sunday, 6 May 2018

Ready for the Stitch-Along

On my way to visit family in SW Ontario last week I popped into Stitch-It Central in Ingersoll to have a look at threads and fabric for the Hardanger class we're doing online.

I picked threads a shade darker (DMC 931) than the stitched sample.
The fabric is a very pale grey. I had white fabric in my stash but I plan to make a couple of these sets so the grey will be for me.
So we're ready to go at Jeanette's on Friday.

I also whipped up a couple more scissor fobs while I was at my sister's last week.
I made the cording with her egg beater with two long threads. The edges whipped closed with one of the colours from the Variations  thread and I used white #8 perle cotton for the Algerian eyelets. I bought an inexpensive pillow to use for its fibrefill. It's the same stuffing as sold strictly for that purpose but about a quarter of the price.
I'm not sure if I can wait until Friday to start our stitch-along (SAL).

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