Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Red Bird Modification

I'm really enjoying this punch needle project. This is quite a large project - 15cm x 23cm (6" x 9") but with a little time and persistence, it moves along pretty quickly.
I'm really happy I added a crest to the 'red bird'. As a birder, I am more comfortable with it looking cardinal-like.
I am hoping I'll have enough of the lighter blue colour to finish the sky. Then there's the whole foreground to be done with brown. I may mix the two brown colours.

Outlining the sunflowers really made them 'pop'. If I were to do this pattern again, I'd outline the stem and leaves as well. This photo is an attempt to show the two loop levels in the centre of the sunflowers. This is easily achieved with the Ultra-Punch (aka Cameo Punch needle) by changing depth levels.
I haven't decided how I'll finish the piece - what I'll back it with, how I'll mount it, etc.
I'm leaning more and more to taking up rug hooking. Hooked on the Lake sells whole rug-hooking kits including the backing fabric with the pattern drawn on it and the strips of fabric that are colour coded to the project. This is perfect for me, who spends so much time dithering about what colours to use. My hope is that rug-hooking won't take much storage space in my ample, yet fibre-stuffed home.

Also, these hand-dyed Valdani threads are a pleasure to work with. The give the piece such dimension.

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