Friday, 18 May 2018

Stitching Is Almost Done

I cut the threads and got most of the bars wrapped last night.
The right side shows it finished with the bars wrapped and the dove's eyes done.

Only 6 more bars to wrap, then on to the dove's eyes.
On the bottom is the inside of the needle book with outlines of where the pockets will go. I still need to stitch a spot to attach the felt for the needles above the right pocket.
I'm thinking of backing the openwork with the same grey fabric as white might make the grey fabric look dingy.

I do plan to assemble the test piece (on white fabric) first before tackling the good piece. I have all the required materials.

So far it's been pretty fun. I'm pleased to have a Hardanger project than can be useful as the many doily, table runner, and table cloth patterns aren't really things I'd ever use in my home.

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