Saturday, 12 May 2018

Testing is Finished

I finished testing the Hardanger project.

These are the pockets that go inside the needle case.
 I need to finish wrapping the bars on the smaller pocket and do the dove's eyes.
I have started the 'real' project on the grey fabric and darker threads (DMC 931).
Yesterday at Jeanette's I got the two scissor fob pieces stitched and last night ripped along with the sides of the pincushion.

Longer sides of the pincushion

I got the stitching done on the top of the pincushion and now need to snip and pull the threads and do the bar wrapping.

The sides are whip-stitched to the top and bottom pieces on the outer backstitching over 4 threads. So far the bottom is blank but I'm thinking of cross-stitching something on it like my name and date.

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