Friday, 29 June 2018

20 Years Ago Today...

...we got married in our back yard. It was the third anniversary of us 'going steady'.
It was a really hot day - kinda like today.

Fred's parents were the only family we invited. We had originally planned to get married at city hall. Very close to the date, I told a couple of friends and they all wanted to be invited. We ended up having a very small gathering at our home.
Archie and Jennie Watson with the bride and groom

It wasn't a 'convenient' time and date - 4:30 on a week day (rush hour) but my long-time friends made an effort to get there. Francey and her husband, Rich, came all the way from Gainesville GA for the event.
Sue, Francey, Lorna, Marilyn, Wendy
It was a lovely day and the last 20 years with this guy have been terrific.

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