Monday, 4 June 2018

New Printer

I bought a new printer! Jeanette mentioned this type the other day, stating that it doesn't need refilling with ink for 2 years. That certainly got my attention as my current printer was going through cartridges about every other week, it seemed. And I don't even do that much printing.  Although the old printer only cost about $70, I've been spending several hundred dollars every year in printer cartridges. The new printer was on sale for $299 but I won't have to buy ink for it for a long time. In addition to it being a wireless printer (and compatible with my Windows 10 computer - unlike the HP Envy), it does automatic double sided printing as well as scanning either to an SD card or the computer, and copying. It did take a while to install and the LCD screen is tiny, but it's working great.

It's the Epson Expression ET-2750. ET is short for 'EcoTank'.
It comes with the 4 ink bottles which are poured into the cartridges after shipping and opening the box. The '502' is a sticker that I affixed with as a reminder for me of the number of the replacement ink bottles which I hope I won't need for a long time.
This is the least expensive model of the EcoTank Epsons - perfect for home use.

Until last week I didn't even know there were printers with such big ink reservoirs! I learn so much from my friends.

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