Monday, 18 June 2018

New Project Bags

Jeanette loaned me a zipped project bag to deconstruct so I could recreate more for myself. It had been made for her by a stitching  buddy from the Toronto Embroidery Guild.
I figured out how to reconstruct it. Everything was in my stash, including the zipper and vinyl.

I had purchased the lining fabric on my trip last weekend.

I had also purchased some Star Trek themed fabric with one of my stitching buddies in mind.

I have a vast stash of Asian-themed fabric, mostly dark. But I found two companion fabrics, one of which was a bit lighter.
It's the same pattern, just a lighter colourway.
The finished bag is 30cm (12") by 35cm (14"). It can easily handle stitching patterns and all the materials. Or equipment - in this case, my punch needle stuff.
 And then can be zipped up, safely holding all the contents, easily visible through the vinyl window.
I had purchased the vinyl in a roll a couple of years ago and had used it for various projects. However, any thick plastic would do like the bags in which comforters, duvets, linens, etc. are bought. If they're a bit creased or wrinkled, they can be smoothed out with a warm iron and another piece of fabric in between. Do NOT use the iron directly on the vinyl.

Now that I have the pattern figured out, I'll be making a few with several of my stash fabrics. I'll just need to wait until fabric is on sale to pick up some more light-coloured lining fabric.

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