Thursday, 26 July 2018

C'est Fini!

I finished sewing the Dans Mon Jardin biscornu last night.
It is quite big - over 10 cm (4") across.
I stuffed it very firmly to try and eliminate as many puckers as possible.
I had the option of using the original French words or their English equivalents.
Bien sûr, j'ai choisi la langue française parce que je sui Canadienne. Of course, I chose the French language because I am Canadian.
For the photos, I used a pin in the top and will seek appropriate buttons to finish it off.
 The gaping hole in the bottom will be covered by the button down there.
I'm glad I outlined the bees, flies, fences and sheep as that really makes them 'pop'.
I have started the pulled thread biscornu. Why, oh why did I pick such dark fabric and threads?
It's hard to do without a magnifier. I do have a couple of magnifier lamps but they're not easy to use whilst stitching in a reclining position - which is my favoured posture for stitching.

 I can see picking a lighter colour fabric and threads to do another one.

In the meantime, I've outlined the 15 squares - backstitching over 2 threads, have done the satin stitching on 5 squares and completed one pulled thread square. More to come...

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