Sunday, 1 July 2018

Project Modification

A couple of weeks ago I finished the pincushion for the second Hardanger Trio set. It was very similar to the one from the first set
but the fabric for the second set is a light grey and the threads were a shade darker.

At Jeanette's last week, she gave us some blue fabric that was perfect for backing the open work so I decided to take mine apart, rip out the white backing fabric, insert the blue fabric, and stitch my initials and the year on the back of it.
You wouldn't believe how much time I spent trying to find an acceptable alphabet and numbers.
I think it looks very spiffy.
 This evening I finished sewing the needle book together
after sewing in the felt.  I found this last bit of blue ribbon in my stash and it was just enough for this project.
So here's the Hardanger trio all together.
Thanks for the fabric, Jeanette, and Barb, thank you for the blue felt and the impetus to put my initials on the bottom of the pin cushion.

I finished another little cross-stitch ornament but my photos were crappy so I'll retake them tomorrow in better light.

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