Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Bathroom Reno II - Part I

I took some before pictures yesterday before the bathroom renovation started. Back in the 80s it must have been fashionable to have garishly coloured fixtures. This white sink was a replacement for a celery green one that had almost rusted through. We are reusing the faucet as it is only a year old.
We had a framed poster with these colours in it as well as a shower curtain and valance curtain.

Behold the celery green tub and tiles. We're glad to be getting rid of the aluminum-framed shower doors.
The celery green toilet was replaced with a 6L one when we first moved into the house over 20 years ago. We wondered what was behind the step up to the tub
Countertops from that era were also quite low. The new one will be 3" higher which will make shaving easier for Skip.
This medicine cabinet will be junked and replaced by another one that will go with the new espresso vanity and mirror frame. It will fit nicely between the studs but just be a bit taller.
I'll get a new blind for the window after all the trim painting is done.
And after demolition...

The guys (contractors) picked up a bathtub today only to find it dented when they opened the box up at the house. Back it went for a non-dented replacement.

I am saving some $$$ by reusing all the tub and shower fixtures - positemp faucet, flexi hose shower head, and spout as well as the newer faucet from the basin and the perfectly-functioning toilet. Instead I blew a wad on the glass shower doors. A shower curtain would have sufficed but the decision is made and I know it will look very nice.

Stay tuned...

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