Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Berlingot Continued, Shaun the Sheep, and Scissors

I work away on the Berlingot most evenings. I modified the outline for the scissor pocket a bit (the 'v' on the bottom left).
The original didn't have the backstitching going between threads at regular intervals. With a minimum of tweaking, I fixed it. I just need to remember to do the same when actually stitching the pocket.

I haven't done a lot of knitting but have completed the knitting on a couple of these Shaun the Sheep bag exteriors that I'll make up into zippered bags one of these days. I used 100% wool for the blue on this one.
The green was some acrylic yarn I bought in Gatineau a couple of weeks ago. I may have 'killed' the acrylic whilst pressing but with a fabric lining and zipper, it should look good. I'd been looking for this colour for the background for quite a while. I still keep an eye out for worsted weight wool for future bags.
Inspired by my stitching guru, Jeanette, I found a flower bowl with holes around the rim at the antique market last weekend. It's pressed 'milk glass'. This item was one of the first things I spotted when I went in the door.
These little scissors are great for snipping Hardanger threads.
I couldn't resist this cute pair of cat scissors at Twist. They're not the most comfortable to use but they are sharp.
These mini stork scissors were hard to pass up as well. I aspire to own a regular-sized pair of stork scissors some day (not that I need any more pairs of scissors).
I picked up a new mini blind for the new bathroom and struggled to put it up. It did not come with instructions and there weren't any YouTube videos explaining how to shorten them properly. Regardless, I got the blind up and the damned thing doesn't hang straight. It's one of the new 'cordless' blinds with tensioned springs to roll the blind up and down.

Defeated - I'm taking it down and returning it to the big box store for a refund and will just put up the previous blind which worked well, hung level, and I can re-install using the same holes the brackets were in before. So much for being fancy-schmancy. Sheesh!

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