Saturday, 25 August 2018

Just Waiting for the Countertop

The work is done on the bathroom renovation except for the installation of the countertop.

The sliding glass doors were a challenge as we chose not to drill into the bathtub as the instructions required. Instead, the track and support was siliconed into place. Most of the weight is on the horizontal bar at the top where there are rollers on the doors. We chose to not install the toilet tissue dispenser on the wall as it was always awkward reaching back to it. Since the old step up to the tub was removed, there is lots of room for the one on the floor. I need to get another blind for the window. The old water supply to the toilet was moved closer to the wall. This involved moving it to the other side of one of the floor joists.
I also need to re-install the shower head.
There will be lots more photos once the countertop is in and the towel rods are installed. For now, we're thrilled to have the job done. Now I need to clean the house as dust got everywhere. Skip will also be getting a new filter for the HVAC system as we're sure lots of dust and crud got sucked into the system during the demolition and reconstruction.

Before and after photos...
The step up to the tub is gone as well as the green tub, tile, and cruddy sliding aluminum-framed doors. There's also an LED light in the ceiling of the tub/shower.
Note the old position of the toilet tissue dispenser and new position of water supply to the toilet. 

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