Monday, 20 August 2018

On the Way to the Twist Festival

Barb, Jen1, Poppy, and I stopped in Ottawa on the way to our lodgings on Thursday night. First, was Wool-tyme in Nepean.

It is a vast store that sells yarn and embroidery supplies.
Jen1 calculated how many skeins were needed for her project.
This Birgit hat would be a good beginner's stranded pattern. The floats wouldn't need to be anchored.
There were racks and racks of many kinds of yarn.
We then ventured on to the Wabi-Sabi yarn shop. I neglected to take photos of their beautiful displays but did get a shot of this simple child's garter stitch pullover - French Macaroon by the Noble Thread.
We spent the night at a beautiful, new Holiday Inn Express in Gatineau.

The next morning, we shopped at an immaculate fabric store in Gatineau - Paquette Textiles. The fabrics were lovely but priced too steeply for my budget. We then found Magifils, which was chock full of yarns and embroidery supplies. I bought 3 quarter yards of embroidery fabric. I could have spent all day in there tidying it up and cleaning it, all the while unearthing lovely knitting and stitching treasures. But we were pressed for time and made for Saint-André-Avellin, Québec to attend the Twist Festival which was going to be open for shopping from noon 'til 5pm.

Our hears started to beat a little faster when we noted these things as we neared the town.

Many local businesses had these signs out front. This one was at a feed store.
We knew we were in the right place when we saw the yarn-bombed tree trunks along the stream.
We arrived at noon, just as people were being let in. There was a   L  O   N  G lineup for tickets but it moved very quickly. And so our Twist shopping began.

(to be continued...)

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