Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Sewing at Sue's

Yesterday I coached Sue and Shelley through the process for making the zipped project bags with the vinyl window.

They had saved time by pre-cutting the pieces and ironing the interfacing onto the back of the outer fabric.

This pattern was one I had deconstructed from a bag Jeanette had been given and I'm not confident that my written instructions are adequate so being there to coach them through worked well.

After a minimum of muss and fuss, they both stitched their first bags.

Sue's . . .
and Shelley's.
A piece of ribbon poked through the little hole on the zipper tab served as a decorative zipper pull.

Fray check or clear nail polish on the clipped ends prevents the ribbon from unraveling.
They both did a second one while I was there.

Sue had a remnant of an adorable fabric which she used for the second one.
After this I was eager to make some more myself.

Sue's craft room is fabulous. Like most crafters, she does a variety of crafts - card making, quilting, stitching, knitting, sewing, etc.
I'm pretty sure Shelley and Sue will be making more of these, as will I.

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