Tuesday, 4 September 2018

4th House

I completed the 4th house last night.
I need to get back to my Berlingot project. It's in the rotation with this project and the sock yarn blanket. I knit on the sock yarn blanket when I need to read the subtitles on TV or am watching something that really required that I look at it rather than just listen to it.

Today, people involved in education are starting back with students. I do not miss the anticipatory feelings on Labour Day weekend that I used to have. I do not miss cramming my personal life into the summer, holidays, and weekends. I do not miss all the class preparation and marking that would keep me late at school and carry into my post-dinner hours.  I do not miss surliness and being sworn at. I do not miss having to get to bed early and getting up early to go to work. I do not miss the upheaval a new provincial government would cause. I do not miss the stress of spending 70 minutes a day with some students who enjoyed challenging the teacher at every step.  Don't get me wrong. Teaching high school math and music was a great way to make a living. It was very rewarding seeing a student learn skills and improve them over the semester. It was exciting opening students' eyes to the joy of listening to and performing music.  It was rewarding seeing these students through from Grade 9 to the end of high school.  Many have become my personal friends. It was rewarding working with other dedicated colleagues. But that middle third of my life is behind me know and I'm enjoying this last third immensely.

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