Saturday, 8 September 2018

Before and After

The countertop for the bathroom vanity finally came in! The guys installed it and the towel rods yesterday marking the end of the renovation.

The green tub, tile and aluminum-framed shower doors are gone. In their place is a new, white tub, tile and shower doors. We repurposed the plumbing fixtures as they were in excellent shape. Now there's an LED pot light in the enclosure as well as a whisper-quiet vent fan with a timer in the ceiling.
Same toilet. Gone is the step up to the tub which left room for a toilet tissue stand rather than having to reach behind for t.p. The water supply was also moved to the other side of the floor joist to be closer to the wall.
The green sink was replaced a couple of years ago but we are now rid of the unattractive countertop. In their place is a 7-drawer vanity with a sparkly cultured marble countertop and recessed sink. The faucet was also repurposed as it was new when we got rid of the green sink. The lights above the vanity are LED and supposedly will not need to be replaced. The mirror was purchased as a package with the vanity. Because we only had a 59 1/4" space for the cabinet, the countertop had to be a special order as most are 60-ish inches wide.
The new cabinet is at least 4" higher than the old one as can be seen when comparing the towel rod heights in both photos. This allowed for a 7th drawer below the under-sink cabinet. Only the right 2/3 of the cabinet is visible. The towel rod was moved to the right a bit so the drawers could open completely without impediment.
The porcelain floor tiles and ceramic shower tiles are the same colour and the same as in our previous bathroom reno in our ensuite bathroom.

Any guests we have will now enjoy a spiffy new bathroom. We are very pleased with the new look.

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