Saturday, 8 September 2018

Trees are Done

I have finished the trees on the main part of the pincushion and about half the houses. I'm working on the rest of houses and the Smyrna stars along the checker board border.
The top of the square pincushion will have the tops of the trees and the diamond for the piece of checked wool fabric for the cushion part. The square on the bottom is unpatterned except for my name and date. I will use a DMC thread matching the fabric as the backstitching so the seam barely shows when I stitch the square top to the sides.
On Thursday I was Barb and Jeanette's guest at Toronto Guild of Stitchery meeting. It is a robust guild that meets in two shifts - a morning shift from 10am to mid-afternoon and an evening shift. We only stayed for the earlier meeting. I enjoyed the 'Show and Share' and the 'make and take' project  featuring small stitched pieces inserted in padded greeting cards for the 'Sunshine and Shadows' committee who send cards to members who are ill or experiencing some type of life challenge.

The guild meets twice a month on the first and third Thursdays. The first meeting is a business meeting usually with a program. The other meeting is a stitching day they call FIFI - "Find It, Finish It" where members bring projects in progress to work on.

It looked like a very nice group of talented, friendly women, however, I am away so much, I don't think I'm up to making another commitment to a group that I'll miss attending so much. Thank you, Jeanette and Barb, for inviting me.

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