Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Block Party Home Pincushion

I finished the 'Home' pincushion last night.
The light interfacing that I put on the backs of all the pieces really kept them even and firm.

Thanks to the wool appliqué workshop I attended on Sunday I confidently attached the plaid wool square with an evenly-spaced blanket stitch.
There's a different blue house on each side.
I couldn't just leave the bottom blank.

 The red houses are on the corners.

I chose not to invest $25US in the HOME pins. At some point I may make some with FIMO.

One modification I did was to use a thread that matched the fabric for the backstitching and whip stitching joining the pieces. I wanted it to blend in more with the fabric. (Compare to the photo above)
I have another chart in this series: the WOOL Block Party pincushion.

I covet a couple of others in this series.  This one:

this one:

and this one:

I really like the colours used in the Hands On Design patterns. Check the list of stockists and see if there's one near you where you can order the patterns. Click on 'State' to order them in alpha order and scroll for your province or state.

My HOME pincushion will definitely be featured at the guild's 'show and share' tonight.

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