Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Craft ADD

I've been flitting from one project to another lately.

When I was in Woodstock, I was given an old issue of "A Needle Pulling Thread" magazine. Therein I found a maple leaf pattern that appealed to me with instructions for making a scissor fob, a needlebook, or the top of a box - depending on the gauge of the fabric.

I couldn't find the Caron Watercolours colour that was called for but found a very acceptable substitute in DMC 4511.
The brown parts are too close in colour to the dark brown veins so when I get to that spot in the thread, I just pull a loop at the back until I hit the red, green, or yellow.

There are more border stitches to go. I think I'll make a needle case out of this.

I also finished the 27 snowflakes in the Hapsburg Lace piece I've been working on.
I now need to do the snowflakes all around the border.

Yesterday I also started the process of finishing some of the ornaments I've stitched. I will be making cording to go around the outsides. Here, the backs have been glued to the fronts and are clipped until the glue dries.
I have many more to finish.

On the weekend, Marilyn and I ventured to Peterborough for the Hand of Man craft show. The farmer's market was going on in the parking lot. I picked up a bushel of apples that weren't perfect for display but totally serviceable for apple sauce. They had minor breaks in the skin but only bruises on a couple of them. This afternoon I processed about 2/3 of them before I ran out of space in my big pot. I also ran out of snap tops so will pick more up and finish the job tomorrow.

Friday, Jen, Barb, and I will head off to our knitting retreat at a resort on the Ivy Lea Parkway near Gananoque at the east end of Lake Ontario. I need to start thinking about what knitting I'll take and get my homework done for the one class that requires it.

As I write this, we are investigating taking an introduction to rug hooking class in Belleville on the way to the knitting retreat.

So many crafty things!

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  1. I Loved the Hand of Man craft show. Haven't been in years though. My father was heavily involved with it in the early days, but since he has been gone the appeal has waned.