Monday, 15 October 2018

Kool Aid Dyeing Preparation

I knit a square or two every night on my sock yarn blanket. It's growing - slowly. It's pictured here sideways.
It's currently 3ft wide and 2ft long. I hope to knit up most of my sock yarn leftovers so it should be quite large when I'm done.

My sock yarn bits aren't very exciting colours for the most part and I was wondering how I could jazz up the squares. Penny Pierce from the wool appliqué workshop yesterday mentioned that she custom dyes a lot of her wool fabrics and I realized i could do the same with bare or light coloured sock yarn.

I have lots of KoolAid packets in my stash that I bought years ago. I could wind off 10 - 15g lengths of sock yarn and KoolAid dye them in my microwave!
That would give me lots of bright colours for the blanket. The customary amount is 1 oz. of fibre per packet of Koolaid but using less yarn should yield me a deeper colour.

I will definitely be doing some experimenting...

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