Monday, 15 October 2018

Katwijer Socks 2.0 Are Finished

On Saturday, in the dar on the way to the Woodstock Fleece Festival (I wasn't driving), I finished the second Katwijker sock. The pattern is free on Ravelry.
I didn't mirror the cables - so they go in the same direction on both socks.
The 4-row pattern is easy - garter stitch columns and 4-row 2x2 cables. The chart in the pattern is a 12-row chart but it's really just 2 repeats of the first 4 rows. The cables are fairly tight, you could loosen them up by only cabling every 6 rounds.
As usual I did an 'eye of partridge' heel. Because I knit an 8" leg and the cables really consume a lot of yarn, I did have to use more than 100g of yarn. Thankfully, I had a third 50g ball of this yarn.

These are done just in time for the cold weather that has followed the record high temperatures from last week.

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