Friday, 12 October 2018

Turtle Quilt

Yesterday at the CreativFestival (more about that later) I saw a very cute quilt with turtles and sea life in many different batik fabrics. The pattern is Seawell by Laura Heine.

Cottage Treasures from Didsbury Alberta is selling it as a kit for a 58" x 43" quilt.

Of course, I had to have it and bought their last one. Whoopee!
I loved the fabrics in the kit

but also the additional quilt patterns for jellyfish,
seaweed, and bubbles.
The turtle batik fabric is so cute.
The baby turtles are very cute as well.
I didn't really need another project but I know I will enjoy the process of making this quilt. There is also a YouTube video on how this version of the quilt was made.

This was SUCH a hot item at the CreativFestival. I just checked their website and there don't seem to be others of this kit for sale. However, I'm sure if you emailed them, they'd be convinced to make up more kits for shipping out.

I also bought one ball of sock yarn from Mary Maxim.
The yarn is quite thin so there's really good yardage 400m (430 yd) on a 100g ball. I do like a thinner sock yarn as the socks don't stretch my shoes out so much. I look forward to trying this yarn out. $9.99 CAD + tax is a good price for this amount of sock yarn.

This fall's CreativFestival was a real disappointment. There was no advertising. I heard nothing about it on the radio or in the newspaper like I have other years. I didn't get a brochure in the mail as I had other years. Rather, we only got a schedule last week online (we'd been emailing them for it) and didn't get class descriptions until this past weekend. How were people supposed to plan without knowing what was offered. I felt really bad for the vendors, many of whom had gone to great expense and effort to set up booths and demonstrations. In past years, when I've attended, the hall was very busy, regardless of the day I had attended. It was VERY sparsely attended this year. About 1/3 of the hall and demonstrations were scrapbooking and another third, sewing or quilting fabrics and equipment. The rest was a smattering of beading, chainmaille, hand lotions, nail art, etc. I sure hope the vendors didn't have to pay a lot to participate because the administration of the festival really dropped the ball with disseminating information beforehand. And cash only at the door? What's with that?

The fall show also used to be held downtown at the Metro Convention Centre - much easier to reach by public transit than the International Centre out by the airport. It was also the bigger of the two shows held in Toronto (spring and fall). It's almost as if the administration is trying to kill the show and not have to run it in the future. It was very disappointing. AND there weren't any stitchery or hand embroidery booths. What the heck!

I wonder if the other shows are being as shabbily organized...

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