Thursday, 22 November 2018

Barb's Project Bag

Barb came over this morning so I could coach her through making one of my infamous project bags with a vinyl window.

She arrived with all the preparation done: fabric cut, interfacing ironed on. I provided the vinyl as I have a lifetime supply of it. However, the vinyl that sheets and duvets are sold in work very well for projects like this.

Barb is a fairly new sewist but did really well on the construction of the bag. She had selected fine Japanese sashiko-style fabric for the outside. It was almost like suiting.

After only 1.5 h her beautiful bag was finished. She did an amazing job with the straight sewing following the horizontal lines on the bag.
She proudly posed with it. Now that she's been through it once, she can easily crank out more for herself. Nice job, Barb!

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