Thursday, 6 December 2018

More FFOs

I finally finished a couple more ornaments (FFO - Finally Finished Ornament).

I made the cording out of Perle cotton.

I stitched this last year and it's finally an FFO.

 There are a couple more I want to do a flat fold finish on. Hopefully soon.

I got the tree up two days ago and only got ornaments on it today.
Skip and I went out for lunch then on a shopping spree at the Superstore. I have a lot of PC/Optimum Points (or whatever they're called now) so we just bought whatever we wanted to stock up on (personal items) and current stuff we needed. I also cashed in my $25 Loblaws card we got when it was discovered they'd overcharged customers for bread for years. As we spent over $200, I won a free turkey. With the Loblaws card and my PC points, we paid a total of $1.08 for today's shopping spree.

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